Issue No.4 – Movement

For this fourth issue of our magazine, we’ll delve into the topic of MOVEMENT. Encompassing a broad range of different meanings, from spacial motion to human cooperation towards a shared goal, MOVEMENT is at its core about change.
Across this issue, we'll share our thoughts on the topics of performance art, emotional expression and urban exploration.

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Issue No.3 – Cuisine

For our third issue of AGORA magazine, we have decided to talk about ‘Cuisine”. Cuisine as food and the evolution of its portrayal over the centuries. Cuisine as a ritual, how the act of gathering to eat changes depending on culture and age. Cuisine as a medium of communication and expression.

Cover Issue No.2

Issue No.2 – Language

For this second issue, we focused on the theme of ‘Language’. We touched on the theme from various angles: we, of course, talked about spoken languages and how they interact with each other in our globalised world; but also how we curate the image we share to our private and professional circles; we lastly shared how art is universally understood regardless of language barriers.

Cover Issue No.1

Issue No.1 – (Dis)connect

In this first issue, we wanted to talk about the difficulties we face when connecting with others and ourselves: we touch on the effects of the lockdowns, mental health and boredom.