Fostering independent creative initiatives

Our mission

We’re a borderless initiative fostering ingenuity. Made for creatives by creatives, our goal is to showcase emerging talents and offer insight into the countless possibilities within the creative industry.

About us

AGORA is a creative space spread across multiple platforms gathering young artists and professionals to create a network of innovative individuals committed to collaboration, growth and artistic creation.

The team

AGORA’s core team consists of dedicated people governed by the principles of teamwork, dedication and creativity. The ones behind it all, have helped form the strategic direction which made AGORA into the initiative it is now.

Our partners

AGORA is an independent magazine dedicated to promoting creativity and ideas. If you’re an initiative with similar ambitions, let’s see how we could work together. Contact us to let us know who you are, what you do and how you wish to collaborate. Get in touch for more information!

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