AGORA is a magazine helping art & design students, professionals and enthusiasts express and share their creativity.

Who are we?

The team

Our team is made of creative students and professionals with eclectic backgrounds, from branding to motion and architecture. What links us is our passion for plastic and applied arts. We currently are a team of 9 students working very closely with other students and professionals as well. Although our epicentre is Prague, Czechia, our team is scattered across three continents!

Our network

We are currently developing our content creators’ network with students, professionals and passionates mainly in the Czech Republic, but also all across Europe. We also collaborate with the art & design school Prague College, which is where most of us currently study.

Prague College

Our main partner, Prague College is an art & design school located in Prague, Czechia. The school provides British degrees in the fields of plastic and applied arts as well as creative media production, computing right in the beautiful neighbourhood of Vinohrady.

LEt's work together

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