Alejandro Huereca - A Portrait Series

I live in Prague, the Czech Republic where I work as a content creator in an advertising agency. I have been interested in images since I can remember. My first contact with photography was at a very early age when I took my first instant film picture. Freezing a moment in time and seeing it develop a few seconds after seemed almost surreal. That polaroid sparked something in me and my love for photography grew bigger ever since.

I started with a very basic point-and-shoot camera shortly after my first year of high school. Unfortunately, I don’t have that camera anymore. It would serve as a reminder of the importance of starting with what you have available. I took no shortcuts.

After shooting for restaurants, different advertising agencies and weddings for years, I feel like I need to change things a bit. At this point in my life, I feel like I’m in a transition with my photography. Different factors have contributed to those changes, and I think it is impossible not to mention the Covid-19 pandemic being part of this evolution. That’s human nature.

I will always say yes to any opportunity to shoot pictures of amazing-looking food. However, I’m exploring filmmaking more than ever before. I’m a film school graduate and somehow, I took some distance from cinema. I have rediscovered it recently, only to find out how much I still love it.


A portrait series made shortly after surpassing a long creative rut caused mainly because of the second Covid-19 lockdown in the Czech Republic. About uncertainty.

Name of the project: Well dressed

Concept: Alejandro Huereca & Maddie Fiedler

Model & Styling: Maddie Fiedler

Photographer: Alejandro Huereca

Czech Republic, 2021

Alejandro H.

October 15, 2021

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