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Modern Nomad Life

It has become increasingly common to find people who decide to leave everything: a home, a stable job, the comfort of routine... And leave in search of adventure. The implementation of teleworking and modern technologies have allowed the labor market to be much more flexible. With just a computer and an internet connection it is possible to work from any corner of the world.

The concept of teleworking has started to become popular in the wake of the pandemic, yet it has been around for decades. However, today's unstable, global society, full of social, economic and cultural changes, has, more than ever, given rise to this lifestyle: working while traveling, traveling while working.

Although there have always been professions characterized by their dynamic and  constant movement, from sailors to merchants, today this trend is on the rise and has become democratized. And the pandemic is partly to blame for its occurrence. With lockdowns spreading across the world, many individuals and businesses were forced to work from home. In this context, it became quite evident that teleworking is more than an option and that it has come to stay. Being a nomadic worker has many advantages: flexibility, disconnection, a stimulating environment and an experience that will allow you to escape from the routine. Keeping this in mind, many began to consider the possibility of replacing their houses with other environments. If I no longer need to go to the office, why not take the opportunity to travel the world? 

In fact, according to a study by MBO Partners and Emergent Research, in the United States, the number of digital nomads grew in 2020 by 49% compared to 2019. Almost anyone with a computer and an internet connection can enjoy this experience. Thereby, it is increasingly common to find places for coworking and some destinations have become the Mecca for digital nomads. According to a study carried out by Club Med, a company specialized in corporate travel, taking into account a series of factors such as cost of living, security, internet speed, spaces to work and the variety of possible activities, the Asian continent leads the list of preferred locations for remote workers, with countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia or Malaysia among the top positions.

In the end, you have to keep in mind that it is not just a job, but rather is a lifestyle, and the range of profiles that can adapt to this nomadic life is increasingly wide: from bloggers to graphic designers, through journalists, SEOs, web developers…. If they have something in common, it is that, generally speaking, they are digital professions that do not necessarily  require presenciality.

Another issue to take into account when embarking on this adventure is housing. There are options available for every taste when it comes to finding accommodation. There are those who opt for the option of a house on wheels. In fact, in recent years, the sale of motorhomes has exploded. But it is not the only alternative. There are already hotel establishments specialized in accommodation programs that go beyond holidays and even platforms have been created for temporary home exchange. Ultimately, with a little imagination and above all, with the desire to adapt, it is possible to find the ideal accommodation.

And the thing is, digital nomads are the future in the present. And governments are realizing it. Such is the demand for this type of lifestyle that several countries such as Germany, Portugal, Croatia or the Czech Republic, among others, have begun to offer specific visas for digital nomads. The objective is to attract foreign professionals and talent. The digital nomad visa consists of a travel authorization that legalizes the status of workers on the move. It is similar to a tourist visa, but they also authorize long stays.

Faced with a context so full of opportunities and challenges, it is necessary to offer more services and facilities to this group, which, in short, have the possibility of invigorating the regions through their expenses in the destinations, their knowledge and the new business possibilities they offer. 

And you, where would you go if they told you that the world can be your office?

Berta U.

January 7, 2022

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