Studix - The Desk to Work (Almost) Wherever You Want

I am a young designer and recent graduate from the Accademia Italiana of Florence. Born in Brussels to French, Italian and German parents, I was raised in Luxembourg. In 2021 I successfully completed my BA in Interior and Product Design at the Accademia Italiana in Florence. In these three years I had learned a lot about design and because of the diversity of the Camp, I was able to explore my interests through various courses and projects proposed by the teachers or born spontaneously. Now that I have graduated, I can say that I am truly happy and passionate about what I am doing. I decided to pursue my studies and recently started a Masters Degree in Berlin. 

After graduating from high school, I was persuaded that my ideal career path was within the legal world, where I believed to be able to flourish on a personal as well as an academic level. However, I quickly realised that this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Indeed, after a difficult year, I made the bold decision to make a U-turn in my studies and not only change my field of study but also all of my cultural landmarks to discover and experience something new. This is when I decided to apply for a BA in Interior and Product Design in Florence.

From a young age, I seem to have always put a lot of emphasis on design and generally, anything that touches the subject of interiors, products and architecture. I always loved taking pictures and redecorating my room every other month. I precisely remember constantly switching up the arrangements of furniture around the house, which made my parents furious. But I couldn't help it.

Since working from home has become a new normal in our daily lifestyle, with Studix I wanted to create a functional object, suitable for small spaces that could bring some energy into our new home offices. My minimal and colorful idea was able to conquer the jury of the ‘Conn | test "I design Connubia’.

The very first idea behind Studix was to design something practical, small and useful. As a student, this past year has been very difficult.  As the definition of the smart category of the contest  said - an ‘intelligent’ complement that is useful for everyday living: when we return home, during our moments of relaxation or just before falling asleep. Some have been stuck in their small student bedrooms and others came back to their parents' houses. We've all been messed up and we’ve all had to adapt to studying and working in a different way and in different environments. As highlighted in my project, working from our homes has become a standard in our everyday life. Therefore, I was inspired to create something that will match the eye by its color, simplicity and will be practical and adapted to the needs of the person.

Space has become something very precious and I liked the idea of ​​being able to create a simple and functional object, suitable for small spaces and capable of bringing a little color and energy to our new home offices. Thus, Studix was born! 

Studix is ​​a smart wall-mounted drop-front desk, designed to perform different functions depending on what you need. When opened, it is a real desk with two shelves for storing books and various objects. Like a desk, but with a completely contemporary spirit. When closed it becomes a wall shelf, perfect for placing what we want to always keep an eye on, but not taking up too much space in the bedroom or in the living area.

It seems to me the perfect solution for a minimal and pop home office, versatile and easy to fit into any type of environment. I already imagine the pleasant feeling of closing Studix after a long day of work or study, a small gesture that closes to-do lists in a box, at least for a few hours.

Chiara S.

October 8, 2021

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