The Language of Flowers

Plants are one of the core essentials which assure life on our planet. However except for keeping us alive, they often bring us joy and excitement but also help us communicate our emotions. Who would have guessed that such a pretty thing like colourful fields of flowers, can also help us tell stories? The language of flowers has been here for centuries and even made it into Shakespeare's works, ancient mythologies or sonnets all across European and Asian culture. In the Victorian era flowers represented complex scheme for communication, for example, the apple blossom meant “Will the glow of love finally redden your delicate cheeks?” or red rose petal meant agreement but white was a rejection. Each flower had a meaning and an emotion. 

And it stuck around till this very day. So I would like to make a bouquet of few flowers which tell us a story.

It is a story about bravery, just as Protea, named after Proteus the Poseidon, who was ironically defeated by courage of Trojan solder. And our main character did need a lot of it.

But it is also very dreamy story. Just as white poppy flowers carry this adjective. Sometimes it can get very surreal.

A tale full of danger. For that emotion I imagine Begonia, the carrier of warning about misfortune.

On the other hand, what kind of tale it is without a happy ending? Exactly the same happiness when we are given blossoming pink rose.

With happiness there comes laughter, and one character in our story is pretty merry. For this character I have pretty special flower, Chrysanthemums, carrying the meaning of joy.

And the journey of the main character is pretty long and full of riddles. They go together wonderfully and can look like a blue rose, the embodiment of mystery.

However everything needs to end. But goodbyes don’t have to be sad, just as Sweet pea flower means Goodbye and Thank you for a lovely time.

That is my flower story bouquet for Alice in Wonderland.

Natália P.

August 13, 2021


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