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Over time definitions adapt and meaning modulates with every new iteration. It is unsurprising that linguistic shifts cause rifts in religion, popular culture and academic discourse. We have begun to rely heavily on the mechanical auto-translation from online dictionaries, yet at what cost? What nuances dissolve through literal translation, what idioms go unacknowledged, and how to interpret words without a context?

Original Poem

A monotonous utterance, may not seem as if the bullet was bit, 

A bash around the bush, amidst flame and blue moon, in haste, 

Overlooked, as a secondary wind takes flight, misunderstandings conveyed, 

Yet scripts are repeated, written, orated.


Monotónní zamumlání, možná nezní jako kousnut do kyselého jablka,

Chůze kolem horké kaše, při blankytném měsíci a plamenu, spěchám,

Přehlížen, podružný vítr se vznese do letu, nesrozumitelnosti sděleny,

Však scénáře se opakují, psané, vyřčené.

Google Translate

A monotonous murmur, it may not sound like a sour apple bite,

Walking around a hot mess, by the azure moon and flame, I'm in a hurry,

Overlooked, a secondary wind soars into flight, incomprehensibility communicated,

However, the scenarios are repeated, written, spoken.


Monotone énonciation, semblant souffrir silencieusement,

Un langage imagé, parmi flammes et bleue lune, hâtive,

Négligé, tandis qu’un second vent prend vol, malentendus communiqués,

Cependant écrits sont transcrits, composés, prêchés.

Google Translate

Monotonous utterance, seeming to suffer silently,

A colorful language, among flames and blue moon, hasty,

Neglected, while a second wind takes flight, misunderstandings communicated,

However writings are transcribed, composed, preached.


Isang patag na pagbigkas, mistulang hindi kinagat ang bala

Isang pag-iwas, sa gitna ng siga at bughaw na buwan, sa pagmamadali

Nakaligtaan, sa pag-angat ng hanging mababa, hindi pagkakaunawaan ay naihatid

Subalit ang mga talata ay inulit, sinulat, binigkas

Google Translate

A flat pronunciation, as if not biting the bullet

An avoidance, in the midst of the fire and blue moon, in haste

Missed, with the low air lift, misunderstanding was delivered

But the verses are repeated, written, uttered

Monica M.

May 14, 2021

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