What A Ride!

With the year 2021 over, here comes the season of yearly recapitalizations and setting goals. I’d like to close this past year, or rather start the new one, by being thankful. 2021 was a busy year for us, in which we completed 3 issues, published over 35 original articles on our website, and worked with creatives from around the world.

AGORA grew out of the will to share, collaborate and help other creatives in the midst of a solitude and selfishness crisis. Our fuel is the people finding their position in the creative field, new clients, or simply the will to work harder towards their dreams. A big thank you to their participation in our project.

We might have worked with close to a hundred creatives, each bringing their own cultural and professional background. Thanks to that, we all grew as not only professionals but also people, broadening our understanding of the world and its various ways of thinking, working and living. We hope that each participant got to meet new potential collaborators and friends.

On a personal note, organising such a sizable project has made me not only a better professional, but also a better person. Working with very different ways of being, from collaborative to stubborn to sensitive to indifferent, I learned to appreciate the process of effectively communicating with the whole team in order to make the best content we can.

Let’s end by thanking the main team members that have been here since the beginning, working hard on making AGORA better every day: Monica, Mirna, Paul, Tamta and more recently Clara, Dasha, Katerina and Lara!

On to 2022!

La bise :*

Melvin M.

December 31, 2021

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