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Why Is The Role of a Content Creator So Important?

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Nowadays, it seems that Content Creation is one of the highest priority aspects of any company or brand. Content Creation is the evolution from the scheme of publicity and marketing. Advertisement and product placement have been around for a long time, but we have gotten used to the unsolicited messages of brand deals, offers, activities, and products on our favorite websites and practically, in every public space that we visit.

We have now become immune to the old tactics of brands, which is why there has been a reinvention, thanks to the Content Creator - a new wave of brand awareness that goes beyond the robotic “buy my thing” and becomes the face and the personality of another user. The Content Creator is your average user, the warmth of a human being behind each post, and a creative mind that is not only convincing you to buy a product but also tries to entertain you.

The role of the Content Creator helps to build better relationships with an audience that recognizes the creative input and magical touch of the creator. Each brand has a style, a tone, a way of thinking which reflects the experience of users and certain expectations with regard to social media and its content. With expectations, comes a certain set of behaviors from Content Creators and relatively predictable responses from users. Good examples are brands like Tinder or Burger King, with social media profiles carefully planned and scheduled by creators who already know what type of relationship users want to establish with them.

Another important aspect of Content Creators is their ability to be analytical and create the best content according to different aspects like target audience, location, and even time of the day. These aspects don’t only assure the success of a certain post but also boost content in regards to online statistics like SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimization, and basically refers to the organic search items on Google. This means that if you search “how to make a carrot cake”, certain websites will pop up first on the search. The role of the Content Creator is simply to boost their website and make it stand out from other websites. They can do it based on certain keywords that tend to be more searched or with different approaches on the website that make it easier to read and even save. With the carrot cake example, the best way to make it stand out is by creating a basic, yet efficient title - “10 Steps to Make the Best Carrot Cake” is going to perform better than “Recipe of a carrot cake by my grandmother Angela”.

Creation is now the best way to approach an online audience. Nobody is going to stop at the bus station to read your flier. But, you might get some attention if your brand follows trends on social media or crafts interesting and appealing content. The future of brands is leaning towards social media. The best way to shape platforms and draw attention to a certain product is through a detailed marketing strategy in collaboration with a Content Creator.

Clara M.

April 8, 2022

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